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CRM systems

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems help businesses manage their customer data across all parts of their business.

Many allow employees to understand a customer’s buying patterns, preferences, and experiences with a business—all of which can be useful for fostering loyalty, trust, and a great individualized relationship with each client.

They can also allow employees to enter reminders for follow-ups and organize the actions that need to be taken to win over a prospect’s business or ensure that a customer remains satisfied with a brand.

Further, some can assist with sales forecasting by helping users understand their pipelines and how close a representative is to reaching a sales goal.

CRM systems are a must-have for every business, but there are many factors to consider before making your selection. Be sure to study upfront and ongoing costs, security features, ease of access from mobile and desktop devices, and availability of backup or recovery plans that will help you ensure the valuable information you capture is never lost.

Ready to explore your options? Below, you’ll find our preferred picks.



Keap is an easy-to-use CRM tool that helps businesses organize their leads, manage client follow-ups, and automate important client tasks. The solution allows owners to set up a repeatable sales process that makes every sale a breeze, and it provides the ability to create custom invoices directly from the tool to reduce the number of systems owners need to manage their business.


Their more advanced plans offer customized landing pages, lead scoring, sales pipelines, A/B email testing, text messaging broadcasts, subscription management, advanced automation, and analytics that may be important for your business.


Pricing starts at $79/month for one user with 500 contacts and increases based on the number of users and contacts needed.


Visit Keap’s website to learn more about their solutions, view a demo, and connect with their sales team.



Zoho CRM

Most popular with businesses already using Zoho software, Zoho CRM offers a set of solutions that can help owners manage and score their leads across multiple pipelines. Each tool is robust, and owners looking for a solution to meet the needs of their businesses are almost certain to find one that will fit the bill.


Zoho offers a free edition of their CRM, but most will opt for the feature-rich paid solution the company offers. Plans start at $14/month per user for the standard plan.


You can learn more about Zoho CRM solutions and view a complete side-by-side comparison of their products by visiting their website.




Monday is an integrated CRM and sales solution with a host of great features. Owners can access intuitive sales pipelines and a comprehensive, customizable client dashboard that allows them to manage accounts, communicate with clients, and complete tasks in the office or on the go. Monday is optimized for efficiency with custom automations that are easy to set up and integration with many of the tools your office already uses every day.


Monday offers a free-forever option that provides small businesses with two seats, though owners looking for the functionalities we mention above will likely consider the fee-based options that range from $8-$16/month.


Check out Monday’s site to read up on their features and get started with this solution.


Interested in other small business solutions? Let us help you find the right systems. Then, log into your owner’s portal for more articles and advice tailored to your business’s needs.


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